Alissa Juvan | Wrapped the pilot for “Aces”
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Wrapped the pilot for “Aces”


Wrapped the pilot for “Aces”

What a great week!

After my first full improv show with my Improv 3 class at Second City, I had a table read and the shoot for the pilot of the webseries, “Aces”, written by Valerie Mikles, about a group of asexual friends in a sexual world.  I keep thinking of “Friends” without all the characters swapping partners!  I got the part of Rosemary, one of the principal characters, who’s sarcastic, blunt, and extremely comfortable with her sexuality and who she is; it’s like this part was written for me!

Such a fantastic three days of shooting with an incredibly talented cast and crew:  Natisha Anderson, Joseph Baird,  Trisha Beharie, and Ace Marrero rounded out the group of friends, and I really couldn’t have worked with a better group of people.  

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