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Shooting features, shorts and more…

Shooting features, shorts and more…

How is it already the middle of May?

Trailer selfies on set for "Avenging Angel" in my many wardrobe changes.

Trailer selfies on set for “Avenging Angel” in my many wardrobe changes.

I previously mentioned I booked the feature, “Avenging Angel”, now entitled “I Spit On Your Grave 3“, which I got to shoot earlier in the year.  It’s currently in post-production and has been picked up by Anchor Bay, so I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s done.  It was such a great experience working with a great cast and crew, and it was the first time I’ve been on set with a stunt coordinator and stunts!  Even Mayor Garcetti came down for a set visit.

I was cast in the comedic short, “We Want Some” which recently just wrapped its successful crowdfunding campaign for finishing funds.  The short has been written up in Backstage and The Los Angeles Art Report, and the cast was just full of hilarious actors.  It was such fun to work with such great improvisers.  That short is also in post-production.

I also just shot another short as part of the San Diego Film Festival Droid Turbo Ultra HD 4K Mobile Challenge.  It was one of fifteen shorts to be selected to take part in the challenge, and it was shot on a 4K mobile phone!  That was an interesting challenge.  You can watch the short online, and the top three shorts will be screened at the film festival this fall, with the winner getting a $5000 prize.  It’s such a moving short, and it was pretty cool that it was all done on a mobile.

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