Alissa Juvan | Kiddie Litter coming soon (and auditions)!
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Kiddie Litter coming soon (and auditions)!

opening credits still 2

Kiddie Litter coming soon (and auditions)!

It has been a while since I posted, but it has been busy.

I’ve been hard at work with the editor of Kiddie Litter, Berna Roberts, and I’m excited to announce the first episode of Kiddie Litter will premiere on Wednesday, October 15th!  Make sure to subscribe so you get handy emails into your inbox each week when new episodes are posted.  If you don’t want to subscribe but still want to watch, tune in to!

Until then, you can watch the wonderful opening title sequence with music by Elise Lebec and animation by Andrew G. Robinson.

I’ve also been called in for a number of co-star roles, including “The Millers”, “Last Man Standing”, and “Pretty Little Liars.”

I can’t wait to share Kiddie Litter with you!

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