Alissa Juvan | It’s getting Reel!
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It’s getting Reel!

Reel Deal screen grab 2

It’s getting Reel!

After a week of a reunion with my Aces cast and a fabulous new crew working on new episodes, I’ve just found out I’m a semi-finalist for the reality show, The Reel Deal, which is a competition show for actors, writers, directors, and composers filming in July 2014.

Now, it gets really real (or Reel, if you will).  There are timed callbacks where the callback “window” opens, and we have two hours to choose a monologue from the website, film it and upload it for the next round, and there are a couple of these slots over the next few weeks before the decision as to who makes it to the show comes down to YOU, the voting public.

All Likes, social media shares, comments, views, and, ultimately, votes will help me get through to the show, so I’m asking for your support to make it into the show for what will be an incredible opportunity.

Register as a fan on the website so you can vote for your favorite (hopefully, me!)!!

Voting for the finalists opens on April 24th, so mark your calendars now and do some hand and arm exercises because I’m counting on loads of your votes!

Thanks so much! x

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