Alissa Juvan | 2015 is off to a bang!
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2015 is off to a bang!

2015 New Year celebration

2015 is off to a bang!

Just a couple of days into 2015, and what a start! Plenty of commercial and voiceover auditions, callbacks, an avail and a booking!

I’m excited to have been cast in the upcoming feature, “Avenging Angel”, which I’ll be shooting later this month.

I’ve also officially released “Collared” online, my short parody of “Taken.” With “Taken 3” coming out last week, it was the perfect time to demonstrate that, as a friend so eloquently put it, I am “the Liam Neeson of cats.” That might just be my new tagline.

Alissa Juvan:  the Liam Neeson of cats.  It works, doesn’t it?

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